​Steve Frost Editing Services Ltd is fully insured for

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public & Product Indemnity

 Main target markets:

  • Independent self-publishing authors 
  • Small businesses
  • Students 

S F Editing Services abides by all relevant sections of the Society for Proofreaders and Editors (SfEP) Code of Practice.



 Why do I need an editor?

The answer is very simple. You can easily become too attached to your own work, and get to the stage where you are no longer able to look at it objectively. That's why you need an editor.

As an independent editor, my only attachment to you is a professionally focused business one. Therefore, I am able to look at your writing with complete impartiality, and with a fresh objective pair of eyes, and use these to improve your work and make it stand out from the crowd.

Don't forget, with S F Editing Services the editing process does not have to be too expensive either. Because with S F Editing Services, you only pay what you can comfortably afford. 

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​Email: enquiries@stevefrostediting.com